Xenos Voxel Editor

Xenos voxel editor is a simple tool to create 3D models from cubic voxels, sort of like Minecraft or 3D Dot Game Heroes.

The editor is not designed for user-friendliness: it does not come with an installer, any sort of help or support. Feel free to download and play with it, but remember that I don’t give ANY guarantees – it might cause your computer to explode for all I know.

Little help: press middle mouse button to rotate camera, and use mouse wheel to zoom. WASD keys move camera. “Mode” window buttons determine how left (and right) clicking works: first mode is adding voxel on click, second – removing, and third – changing color of selected voxel. Right click switches between add/remove in these modes, and “lifts” color from selected voxel in coloring mode.

Save/load use path specified in “File” box, by default it’s the application folder. File extension “.va” is appended automatically.

The tool can export final model in “.ply” and “.dae” formats. Unity3D happily loads “.dae” but not “.ply”, and Blender loads “.ply” but not “.dae”.

Dowload Xenos Voxel Editor for Windows: http://chaoscultgames.com/products/Xenos/Xenos%20Voxel%20Editor.zip