Sorry Humans Tutorial

Sorry Humans was made for LD32 without in-game tutorial and we can’t very well add one now. So here’s a non-interactive one.

In Sorry Humans your task is killing aliens that are invading your spaceship. However, you play as the ship’s AI that has (almost) no weapons, and can only control some things in the ship’s environment. You do that by clicking interactive objects with mouse. Clickable objects are highlighted with green glow and have a tooltip explaining what they do.

The ship also has crew, but they are civilians and cannot fight aliens at all – only run. You probably want to save them, but aliens really like killing humans – and that makes the crew a good distraction. Saving them is not, srtictly speaking, required – as long as you kill aliens before they destroy AI core, the ship survives. Whether you want to go that extra mile and save them all – is up to you.

You can scroll the map around using mouse (press right button and drag, or just move mouse to the side of screen) and keyboard key. Mouse wheel changes zoom. There are also portraits of the crewmembers at the bottom, and clicking a portait takes camera to that person.

The things you can control on the ship are these:


Doors. Clicking to open or close.

Doors can sometimes be linked.  Linked doors open and close at the same time – be on the lookout for that.

Aliens can and will destroy doors – a destroyed door is stuck open and shows sparks flying. Clicking a destroyed door still operated all linked ones, if any.


Doors that lead to open space are airlocks. If you open those, air would drain out.

When pressure in a room drops low enough (the pressure badge would turn red) all units in the room start taking damage. Crew members try to run from rooms with low pressure, but scary aliens can still prevent that.

tutor_turretAutomated turrets. Click to turn on or off.

The only actual weapon at your disposal. Unfortunately, aliens have jammed the comms, or maybe turrets just have a bug in programming, but they fire indiscriminately at aliens and humans alike. Crew members tend to fear active turets and try to flee.

tutor_consoleComputer console. Click to overload and explode.

Consoles are not weapons, but you can send and overloading charge to them, causing a big explosion. It has a decent radius (despite not looking like much) and can kill aliens and humans outright. However, overloading takes time, and they don’t exlode immediately. Learn to time your clicks.

tutor_laserLaser fences. Click to turn on or off.

These are just like doors, except you can “close” them right when an unsuspecting alien moves through and deal some damage. If you time it right, the alien would be thrown back, and then attempt to go through again…

Alarm panel. Click to turn alarm on and off.

When red lights are flashing and alarm sound is on, crew members will flee the room. In some rooms, this triggers automatically when airlock is open. In others, you can trigger alarms independently by clicking on alarm panels.