About Chaos Cult

Chaos Cult Games is a one-man company, situated in Moscow, Russia, and developing indie games. Well, one game, actually. It’s founded by Alexey “Nevermind” Drobyshevsky (that’s me!) I had been working in games since 2005, and after cutting my teeth on a lot of more-or-less forgettable games I’ve decided to become a full-time indie developer. Now in Chaos Cult I’m making a game called Xenos (working title).

About project Xenos

Xenos is a survival sandbox game, with some elements borrowed from action, strategy and roguelike genres. It does not have a design document – I’m mostly playing it by ear – so final game will probably be quite different from what I envision right now. What I do know about the game is this:

Xenos is set in near future, where Earth has been invaded and conquered by space aliens. No one knows what the aliens want with our planet, but they certainly didn’t destroy or enslave all of humankind. Only most of it. Civilization as we know it is all but destroyed, although small isolated enclaves of humans still exist. The player is a member of one such enclave – a small settlement, struggling against lack of basic supplies, various alien lifeforms, human bandits, and any other post-apocalytpic woes. And the goal of the game is, of course, to survive, prosper, and hopefully end the alien menace.

The game is 2.5D, with “birds-eye” perspective. It would have a huge world, all generated procedurally, and fully dynamic, with ability to build and/or destroy almost anything.