Development video

Recently, while working on Xenos, we had an idea. What if we made a video of the development process? A lot of our work is not really exciting to watch: me typing code in Visual Studio is probably boring as hell. But some processes might be actually interesting.

So, today we present the Xenos dev video – first of many, I hope. This time it’s the process of making a single “chunk” of game map, containing a simple house. The house is not completely finished – it has no floor for example, and it could use more details – but the basic process is there.

The video also showcases some procedural capabilities: see how the house is built with a set of props, and then re-generated automatically with props changing and wallpapers having different color. In the end, the location generation process is shown, where the new house is automatically integrated into our town map. (The map is generated very slowly – that’s a property of Unity editor. In-game it works faster, although far from lightning-fast)

Watch and enjoy

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